Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Political or Anarchist?

Yahoo! News - Powell Suggests Iraq Critics Are Defeatist, Rattled : "Asked whether the administration was being candid on Iraq, U.S. national security advisor Condoleezza Rice said the assessment was an attempt to look at the big picture. '[There] is no evidence that the Iraqis are falling into civil war. Quite the opposite. Kurds and Shia and Sunnis are working together to build a new Iraq,' she told NBC's 'Today' show. 'This insurgency has no political program. This is an anarchist insurgency. They simply either want to take Iraq back to the old days of Saddam Hussein or to turn Iraq into the Taliban,' she added."

I suppose if by 'has no political program' she means they have no prime minister, she's technically correct. But wanting to "take Iraq back to the days of Saddam", and "to turn it into the Taliban" sure sound like political objectives to me.


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