Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Cheney suggests a Kerry victory could invite a terrorist attack

Cheney suggests a Kerry victory could invite a terrorist attack: printer friendly version

If Kerry were elected, Cheney said, the country might return to a ‘‘pre-9/11 mind-set’’ that relied on a reactive approach, rather than Bush’s preemptive approach to attacking terrorists where they plan and train, and pressuring those countries that harbor them.

Nice try, Mr. Cheney... but, even assuming the "preemptive approach" has any merit in efforts to fight terrorism, Bush applied it applied to Iraq, not to terrorists. And with Iraq, to make matters worse, that which the US military action was supposed to have preempted turns out to have been a fiction concocted and promulgated by Bush & Cheney.

I have no doubt that Kerry would try to preempt (i.e., prevent) any terrorist attack -- by non-military means, if possible -- given actual evidence of a threat. But Bush's use of military means to "preempt" a threat which he knew to be neither imminent nor real is inexcusable.


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