Thursday, August 12, 2004

New York Lockdown

New York Lockdown: "While anti-Bush activists in New York are adopting new techniques to try and disrupt the Republican party convention later this month, the police have got some new strategies of their own

by Michelle Goldberg

If you're a delegate attending the Republican national convention at Madison Square Garden later this month, Jamie Moran knows where you're staying. He knows where you're eating and what Broadway musical you plan on seeing. For the past nine months, Moran has been living off savings earned as an office manager at a nonprofit and working full-time to disrupt the RNC."

I wonder how much of these protests will be covered in the "mainstream" media?


At 5:18 PM, Blogger StarOfDavid said...

From what I'm hearing on NPR there is a huge effort being organized. People have rented Apts and are putting together some very material demonstrations. There is no doubt that RATpublicans will feel the heat.
If this comes off as big as expected, there's now way the national media can NOT report it. And besides, there's always the good ole BBC to let us know what is really going on in Amerika.


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