Tuesday, August 10, 2004

What shoe are you?

Bush Goes After Kerry on Iraq War Admission
  PENSACOLA, Fla. (Reuters) - President Bush charged Democrat John Kerry with shifting positions on the Iraq war on Tuesday as he opened a five-day campaign swing with a bus tour through Republican turf in Florida, the bitterly contested state from the 2000 election.
  The Bush campaign has been pressuring Kerry to say whether he would have still voted for the Iraq war given the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have been found. Kerry on Monday said he would have voted to give the president authorization to use force against Iraq "but I would have used that authority effectively."
  Bush and his aides delighted in the response and said it showed further evidence of Kerry flip-flopping from an anti-war stance he held during the Democratic primary last winter.

Had Bush actually read the legislation in question, he might understand that his failure to comply with its requirement that, before resorting to military action, the President exhaust all diplomatic resources at his disposal, and regularly report to Congress on the progress of that diplomatic effort, does not make John Kerry a "flip-flopper" -- it does, however, make George W Bush a "loafer".


At 5:24 PM, Blogger StarOfDavid said...

Read the legislation? Pleaze... Bush can't be bothered with little dribble like legislation! This Administration has made it clear that it is not accountable to ANYBODY. Not The Congress, Not our allies, Not world treaties like the Geneva Convention, (i.e. torturing prisoners), not even the constitution! And on that note, why is Iraq working so hard to write their own constitution? We should give them ours since we are no longer using it.


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