Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Coalition Of the More-Or-Less Willing?

CNN.com - Franks takes blame for 'mission accomplished' - Aug 9, 2004
  WASHINGTON (AP) -- Retired Gen. Tommy Franks tried to take the blame Monday for President Bush's much-criticized comments declaring an end to major combat in Iraq more than a year ago.
  "I wanted to get the phase of military operation over as quickly as I could, because a lot of countries on this planet had said as soon as that major stuff is over, we'll come in and help with all of the peacekeeping," Franks said.
  Franks noted that the Bush administration has had limited success persuading other nations to participate in Iraq. Of some 160,000 foreign forces there now, about 140,000 are American.

OK... 87% American, and I imagine, if nothing has drastically changed in the last few months, most of the other 13% are British. This is the "broad international support" that GWB claims for his pet project?


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