Monday, November 20, 2006

It's a Sign Of a Healthy Society

Bush shows support for Indonesia amid protests - 20 Nov 2006 at 8:25am - BOGOR (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush showed support for a U.S. ally in the war against Islamic militants on Monday with a visit to Indonesia which generated angry protests in the world's most populous Muslim nation.
There's some new terminology: "War against Islamic militants". That's a little more specific than "war on terror", I guess, but still not much more specific than "war on evildoers".

In a news conference, Bush said of the protests, "People protest -- that's a good sign. It's a sign of a healthy society". Does that mean we no longer need designated "free speech zones" in the U.S.?

Pentagon panels sees three options in Iraq: report - 20 Nov 2006 at 10:07am - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Pentagon panel has outlined three basic options for improving the situation in Iraq -- pull out, send more U.S. troops or reduce the size of the force but stay longer, The Washington Post reported on Monday.... The options have been dubbed "Go Home," "Go Big" and "Go Longer" by insiders.
I'm guessing Bush would have preferred a "go fish" option

White House brushes off CIA report on Iran: report - 20 Nov 2006 at 9:23am - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House dismissed a classified CIA draft assessment that found no conclusive evidence of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program, the New Yorker reported.
"No conclusive evidence" is the kind of evidence the Bush administration prefers; if the evidence itself is inconclusive, it frees one up to jump to one's own conclusions.

Pentagon wants to build mini-city for terror trials - Fri, Nov. 17, 2006 - The Pentagon plans to build a military commissions compound at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, costing up to $125 million, a major undertaking meant to accommodate up to 1,200 people for the first U.S. war crimes trials since World War II, The Miami Herald learned Thursday.

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