Monday, November 13, 2006

They Want Us To Succeed

President Bush met with the Iraq Study Group today, but not to hear their recommendations, so I'm not sure what the purpose of the meeting was, unless it was like all of Dick Cheney's meetings with the CIA prior to the Iraq invasion: to make sure that whatever the recommendations are, they will be in line with the White House belief system.

Afterward, Bush had this to say about the meeting: "I was impressed by the questions they asked. They want us to succeed in Iraq, just like I want us to succeed. So we had a really good discussion".

Who does he think would be willing to serve as a member of such a study group who wouldn't want the U.S. to succeed?

The more interesting question will be how the group defines "success" (if they bother to define it at all). How does Bush define it? Does "success" mean simply keeping troops in Iraq until, by some miracle, Iraq becomes "free and democratic"? And what is the definition of "free and democratic"?


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