Sunday, September 24, 2006

We Don't Need Any Stinking National Intelligence Estimate

Leaked intelligence report rocks Bush election stance - 24/09/2006 16h33 - NEW YORK (AFP) - US spy agencies have dropped a political bombshell six weeks before national elections, with the leak of a classified report concluding that the war in Iraq has spawned a new wave of Islamic radicalism and increased the global threat of terrorism. The intelligence document on Sunday rocked a central pillar of the Republican Party's campaign platform ahead of November elections: that the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the ouster of Saddam Hussein made America safer, not weaker. With opinion polls showing President George W. Bush's party possibly losing control of both houses of Congress in the the mid-term polls, in large part due to unhappiness over the war in Iraq, the report stating categorically the opposite will make for painful reading at the White House.
Really? I doubt it. The Bush administration has always drawn its own conclusions; if necessary, it will (as it did with Saddam and WMDs) develop its own intelligence to support them.


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