Monday, September 11, 2006

Darth Cheney

Cheney Defends Homeland Security Policy - 11 Sep 2006 at 1:43pm - Vice President Dick Cheney says the fact that there has not been another attack on U.S. soil shows "we've done a pretty good job" of protecting the country against terrorists. "I don't know how much better you can do than no, no attacks for the past...

But no one is really expecting the Bush administration to fail to protect the country against a terror attack, so I'm not quite sure what the meaning of the "no attacks" statistic is. The measure of performance shouldn't be whether there have been any attacks, but rather, whether we are more vulnerable to attacks than we ought to be.

Cheney defends hard-line role - 11 Sep 2006 - WASHINGTON -- Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday defended his lightning-rod role as a leading advocate for invading Iraq, for a warrantless surveillance program, and for harsh treatment of suspected terrorists. ``Part of my job is to think about the unthinkable, to focus upon what in fact the terrorists may have in store for us," Cheney told NBC's "Meet the Press" when asked about his "dark side."

And part of GWB's job must be not-thinking the thinkable.

Hmmm... "dark side"? Does that question imply that Cheney has an un-dark side? Anyway, seems the larger part of Cheney's job must be defending the indefensible, justifying the unjustifiable, giving credence to the incredible.


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