Monday, April 06, 2009

In the News: Apr-06

Wordle: In the News: Apr-06

Accused chief torturer for Khmer Rouge blames U.S. for regime's rise - 6 Apr 2009 at 11:32am - American policies in the 1970s buoyed the rise of the Khmer Rouge to power in Cambodia, the man accused of being the brutal regime's chief torturer testified Monday in Phnom Penh.

Obama declares US 'not at war with Islam' - 6 Apr 2009 at 8:44am - ANKARA, Turkey -- Barack Obama, making his first visit to a Muslim nation as president, declared Monday the United States "is not at war with Islam" and called for a greater partnership with the Islamic world.
One might think it goes without saying that the U.S. is not at war with Islam, but apparantly, sadly, it does not.

Obama commits U.S. to eliminating nuclear weapons - 6 Apr 2009 at 7:53am - PRAQUE, Czech Republic — For half a century, American presidents have talked about easing or eliminating the threat of nuclear annihilation while maintaining an arsenal at the core of U.S. defense strategy.

Thought for the day:
Of course, our failures are a consequence of many factors, but possibly one of the most important is the fact that society operates on the theory that specialization is the key to success, not realizing that specialization precludes comprehensive thinking. -R. Buckminster Fuller (1895 - 1983), Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, 1963


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