Monday, October 27, 2008

In the News: Oct-27

Judge defines enemy combatant status for detainees - 27 Oct 2008 at 2:44pm - WASHINGTON -- Al-Qaida or Taliban supporters who directly assisted in hostile acts against the United States or its allies can be held without charges as enemy combatants, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Bank rescue kicks into gear, Treasury eyes insurers - 27 Oct 2008 at 1:32pm - WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US bank rescue program kicked into gear Monday with news that nine major banks will receive 125 billion dollars in capital injections this week from the government.

US launches raid in Syria after move into Pakistan - 27 Oct 2008 at 11:50am - WASHINGTON -- The startling U.S. commando attack inside Syrian territory over the weekend appears to amplify an emerging message to countries suspected of giving safe passage to terrorists: Take action, or else the U.S. will.

Al Qaeda media chief stands mute at Guantanamo - 27 Oct 2008 at 11:47am - GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba (Reuters) - The U.S. war crimes trial of Osama bin Laden's accused media director began Monday with silence from the defense side of the Guantanamo Bay courtroom after the judge ruled the Yemeni defendant had the right to stand mute and offer no defense.

Thought for the day:
A nation is a society united by delusions about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbors. -William Ralph Inge (1860 - 1954)


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