Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In the News: Sep-23

Senators seek rights protections in FBI probes - 23 Sep 2008 at 1:04pm - WASHINGTON -- Three Democratic senators demanded "bare-minimum" civil rights protections Tuesday for Americans who might be targeted in FBI national security investigations without any evidence of wrongdoing.

Bush Administration Reviews Its Afghanistan Policy, Exposing Points of Contention - 23 Sep 2008 at 11:59am - President Bush?s top aides are conducting four major new reviews of the war strategy and mission in Afghanistan.

Europe Balks At Helping U.S. Dig Out Of Fiscal Hole - 23 Sep 2008 at 10:42am - While Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is pressing Congress to pass his $700 billion plan to bailout the financial sector, he's also asking foreign countries for assistance. But France and Germany are not likely to get aboard. Many Europeans now feel that their model of tighter regulation and more government involvement has been vindicated.

Gates: More troops may go to Afghanistan in spring - 23 Sep 2008 at 10:39am - WASHINGTON -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that up to three more combat brigades could be available to go to Afghanistan beginning next spring, in answer to repeated calls from commanders for more troops.

President Bush Bids U.N. Farewell - 23 Sep 2008 at 10:13am - President Bush addresses the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday for the last time. In his speech, he'll portray himself as a multilateralist who wants to see the U.N. function better.
And the assemblage will crack up?

Bush, Zardari discuss US incursions in Pakistan - 23 Sep 2008 at 9:43am - NEW YORK -- President Bush on Tuesday expressed sorrow for the victims of a deadly truck bomb that devastated a Marriott hotel in Islamabad and acknowledged tensions over U.S. military incursions into Pakistani territory.
Maybe there would be fewer tensions to acknowldege, if they'd had the discussions before the incursions, rather than after.

Thought for the day:
My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition. -Indira Gandhi (1917 - 1984)


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