Thursday, June 12, 2008

In the News: Jun-12

UN climate chief spurs talks on new global warming pact - 12 Jun 2008 at 1:39pm - BONN (AFP) - UN climate chief Yvo de Boer called on industrialised countries on Thursday to start showing some of their cards in a slow-paced poker game whose prize is a new pact to tackle global warming.

Bush disagrees with court's Guantanamo ruling - 12 Jun 2008 at 2:35pm - ROME -- President Bush on Thursday strongly disagreed with a Supreme Court ruling that clears foreign terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts. Bush suggested new legislation may now be needed to keep the American people safe.

Supreme Court rejects limits on FOIA lawsuits - 12 Jun 2008 at 11:41am - WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court has rejected limits on Freedom of Information Act lawsuits that seek the same information as earlier legal actions.

Top court rules against Americans held in Iraq - 12 Jun 2008 at 12:27pm - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal judges cannot block U.S. military officials from turning over two Americans held in Iraq to local authorities who want to prosecute them for involvement in the insurgency or criminal activity, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

Supreme Court backs rights for Guantanamo detainees - 12 Jun 2008 at 10:08am - WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court says foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

US releases video of clash along Afghan border - 12 Jun 2008 at 8:21am - ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) -- The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan released footage Thursday of a skirmish with militants that Pakistan claims resulted in an airstrike on one of its border posts that killed 11 of its troops....

Thought for the day:
A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies. -Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)


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