Wednesday, October 24, 2007


War costs may total $2.4 trillion - 24 Oct 2007 at 9:10am - The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could total $2.4 trillion through the next decade, or nearly $8,000 per man, woman and child in the country, according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate scheduled for release Wednesday.... In the months before the March 2003 Iraq invasion, the Bush administration estimated the Iraq war would cost no more than $50 billion.

White House: Report not 'watered down' - 24 Oct 2007 at 10:02am - WASHINGTON -- The White House on Wednesday denied that it "watered down" congressional testimony that the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention delivered on the impact climate change is having on public health.

Remote-controlled aircraft will patrol Arctic: military - 24 Oct 2007 at 9:41am - The Canadian military plans to buy a fleet of remote-controlled aircraft to patrol the Arctic, an official told CBC News.

Report: Turkish planes, gunships attack Kurds - 24 Oct 2007 at 9:59am - Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships attacked positions of Kurdish rebels along the rugged Iraqi-Turkish border on Wednesday, the country's official Anatolia news agency reported.

State Department security chief resigns - 24 Oct 2007 at 1:32pm - WASHINGTON -- The State Department's security chief announced his resignation on Wednesday in the wake of last month's deadly Blackwater USA shooting incident in Baghdad and growing questions about the use of private contractors in Iraq.

Bush touts Cuban life after Castro - 24 Oct 2007 at 2:39pm - WASHINGTON -- President Bush on Wednesday blistered Cuba's regime and challenged the international community to help the people of the communist island shed Fidel Castro's rule and become a free society.
Has he nothing better to do?

Rice says US erred in Canadian's arrest - 24 Oct 2007 at 2:32pm - WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acknowledged on Wednesday that the United States mishandled the case of a Canadian engineer seized by U.S. officials and taken to Syria, where he and the Canadian government say he was tortured.

Thought for the day:
Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog. - -Doug Larson


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