Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another GOP senator urges Iraq pullout - 26 Jun 2007 at 2:23pm - WASHINGTON -- Sen. George Voinovich said Tuesday the U.S. should begin pulling troops out of Iraq and bolster diplomatic efforts, becoming the second Republican lawmaker in as many days to declare President Bush's war strategy a failure.
But how will he vote?

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq in Mehdi Army clash - 26 Jun 2007 at 11:43am - BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A U.S. soldier was killed in clashes with the Mehdi Army in Diwaniya on Tuesday when violence flared in the southern Iraqi city which was the scene of a major U.S. operation in April.

Senate Republicans block union bill - 26 Jun 2007 at 12:22pm - WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked a bill that would allow labor unions to organize workplaces without a secret ballot election.
Obstructionists. Do they not believe in democracy and the up-or-down vote?

Thought for the day:
"I don't care what is written about me so long as it isn't true." -Dorothy Parker (1893 - 1967)

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