Thursday, December 28, 2006

In the News: Dec-28

Bush's New Year's resolution: Keep troops safe - 28 Dec 2006 at 2:40pm - President George W. Bush wants more consultation with Congress and the Iraqis before "coming to closure" on a plan for Iraq, he told reporters outside his Texas ranch on Thursday.
"Consultation" = rubber-stamping?

Ford: Reasons For Iraq War 'A Big Mistake' - 28 Dec 2006 at 9:00am - In a now released interview from 2004 with the Washington Post's Bob Woodward, Former President Gerald R. Ford said he "very strongly" disagreed with the current president's reasons for invading Iraq and said he would have pushed alternatives.

Feds apologize for woman's strip search - 28 Dec 2006 at 12:24pm - TAMPA, Fla. -- The Homeland Security Department sent a letter apologizing to a Muslim woman who was detained at the Tampa airport and strip searched at a county jail.

Dems likely to resurrect detainee issue - 28 Dec 2006 at 2:15pm - WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats plan to use their newfound power to revisit one of the most contentious national security matters of 2006: Deciding what legal rights must be protected for detainees held in the war on terrorism.

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