Monday, January 16, 2006

Fw: Bush Is A Genius

Bush Is A Genius

Most people just don't understand the brilliance of President
Bush's strategy. Bush stated we were attacked because our enemies hate
our liberties and freedom. Since 9/11, Bush has successfully promoted a
plan to diminish those liberties and freedoms, thus making us more

What radical Islamic freedom-hater would want to attack a country
that already supports torture and holding people for indefinite periods
of time without the right to counsel? Then, you add in the sneak and
peek provision of the Patriot Act, which allows the government to enter
your home while you're away-and don't forget the provision that forbids
you from questioning the government if you find out they are spying on
you. In fact, if you hire an attorney, the government requires you to
inform them of everything you told your attorney.

Even with this, Bush understood that some freedom-haters still
might want to attack the United States, so what he did next was
ingenious. He goes on television and scorns the press for revealing the
secret spy initiative (freedom of the press is just another one of
those silly liberties that will get us attacked) and then admits he
ordered unchecked wiretaps on Americans. Freedom-haters are all too
familiar with their dictatorial leaders being above the law. Now these
radical Islamic freedom-and liberty-haters will go and attack some
other naive country that still exalts liberty and freedom above

In Bush We Trust

This editorial view was copied from the January 16, 2006 edition of The
Athens Banner-Herald and was attributed to Michael Williams of Danielsville.


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