Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let Cheney Deal With This One

Memo Gets Attention in Probe of CIA Leak

WASHINGTON - A State Department memo that has caught the attention of prosecutors describes a CIA officer's role in sending her husband to Africa and disputes administration claims that Iraq was shopping for uranium, a retired department official said Tuesday.

The classified memo was sent to Air Force One just after former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson went public with his assertions that the Bush administration overstated the evidence that Iraq was interested in obtaining uranium from Niger for nuclear weapons."

Won't Cheney simply deny that anyone on Air Force One ever saw the memo, implying it was never actually sent — just as he denied having seen the Wilson report itself, implying Wilson had never reported back from Niger at all, or possibly never even gone in the first place — and just as he claimed never to have seen John Edwards on the Senate floor, implying that Edwards was never present for Senate sessions, although Cheney himself had only been to the Senate a few times after Edwards became a Senator?


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