Monday, May 30, 2005

A Uniter, Not A Divider

Outrage as US troops arrest moderate Sunni leader
  US troops outraged Iraq's new government yesterday by arresting one of the country's foremost Sunni leaders only to release him later and call the whole episode a mistake.
  Firing stun grenades, American soldiers burst into the home of Mohsen Abdul-Hamid, head of the largest Sunni Arab political party, shortly after dawn. They forced a hood over his head and dragged him away along with his three sons.
  Prime minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has ordered an investigation.
  Iraq's constantly bickering Sunni Arabs, Shias and Kurds were united in condemnation of what was generally perceived as an outrage.

A "mistake"? Mistaken identity? Or public-relations blunder? In any event,

  ...the US military offered no explanation for his detention and stopped short of apologising.


  It appeared that the Americans had not sought permission for the raid from the Iraqi government, again raising questions about its supposed sovereignty.

When will the "coalition" assume the support role it was supposed to have taken up months ago?


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