Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Cause Hillary Said It................."

The media commentators and pundits of every persuasion had a field day over the one word that Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke at a gathering in Harlem, NYC for Martin Luther King day. The word the Senator spoke was "plantation", and the context which it was spoken referred to the Republican Congress being "run like a plantation". Almost immediately the rebuttals began to emerge in rather an anemic sort of memory lapse from right-wing news commentators, pundits, and current and former members of Congress and the Administration(one African-American former Bush advisor, in trying to promote his book "Black in the White House", Ron Christie, could'nt resist putting in his bit and actually called for Sen. Clinton to resign!). Hillary's remarks were called "insulting to the memory of Dr. King", and, "offensive to many African Americans" said Rep. Peter King (R) NY. Rep. King's statements were stunning, given the fact that Hillary got a hugh applause and standing ovation from the crowd gathered.

These commentators, pundits and "thin-skinned" Republicans really do need to lighten-up and calm down before they get a nosebleed about Sen. Clinton. They should find some kind of remedy for this painfully obvious memory lapse. Soon to be Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich(R) GA referrred to Congress in the "plantation" mold a few days before the infamous GOP takeover of Congress in 1994. he called that Congress, "The Democrat plantation", and referred to himself as "the leader of the slave revolt". Gingrich's remarks had to have happened under the radar because there was no uproar over those remarks or Newt Gingrich making them, then? Maybe the connotation of the word or subject matter of "plantation" is different because it occurred after Jan 1, 2006. 2006 being an election year and all. We all know that Hillary just drives the Conservatives crazy, but what is not clear is, just whay that is?

One just has to do a Google search on the word "plantation" and it is very likely one would stumble over more Republicans and right-wingers using the word in the same context, but minus the uproar as was bestowed on Sen. Clinton. Or, you could watch the House of Representatives in action on C-Span to know that the Senator's word ring very true. Apparently it really isn't the word or the context which the word was used, it's who says it that gives new meaning to the word and idea many Republicans don't seem to know much about..........debate. Which was exactly what Hillary was trying to get across quite effectively when referring to the Republican-led House, as a 'plantation", stifling legitamate debate and honest human discourse, much like a 'plantation" degraded the human dignity of people.

The Republican party truly is the "plantation" party, because they continously prove the lengths they will go to divide this country even more. Some examples of the "plantation" ethic in the Republican House are: (The Democrats cannot use the same cloak room as the Republicans, the rules for debate change as the bills come to the floor for a vote---and the Democrats' ideas and "substitution" bills are often stifled and not even heard)

The only thing Hillary possibly did 'wrong" was to envoke a percieved controversy on a slow news cycle day! Even so, she certainly got people debating.......something very "Bravo Hillary!!!!"


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