Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Bush Launches Idle Threats to Democrats: Don't Slam Iraq Policy"

Bush warned the Democratic critics of his Iraq policy Tuesday, to watch what they say or risk giving "comfort to our adversaries", and suffering at the ballot box in November.

Democrats said, "Bush should take his own advice."

Bush's shrill tongue represented an attempt by the Administration to neutralize Democrats' ability to use Iraq as an election-year issue against Republicans.

Bush used the word "irresponsible" once again to parse words at the "partisan critics who claim that we acted in Iraq because of oil, or because of Israel, or because we misled the American people," as well as "defeatists who refuse to see that anything is right."

Bush said, "In a free society, there's only one check on plitical speech and that is the judgement of the American people." Bush said in conclusion of his Tuesday speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars, "So I ask all Americans to hold their elected leaders to account and demand a debate that brings credit to our democracy, not comfort to out adversaries."

Bush says he doesn't read newspapers, doesn't watch television, and doesn't pay attention to the polls. Well his remarks on Tuesday speak volumes otherwise. He is trying to take the advice of his supporters and advisers to keep the focus on Iraq by redirecting the debate on Iraq from his detractors discussion to his Administration's vision for Iraq. It appears this tactic is falling on "deaf ears", so now Bush is trying a new tactic-- a town hall like setting in Kentucky amongst "like-thinkers" who most likely had to purchase tickets-----no surprise there, it's more like "grasping at straws" in desperation, while the Democrats respond:

Sen.Harry Reid, (D), NV, said, "Patriotic Americans continue to ask the tough questions because our brave men and women in Iraq, their families and the American people deserve to know that their leaders are being held accountable."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D), CA, said, "Loyalty demands that Democrats differ with Bush on the lack of sufficient body armour for our troops and other issues," Pelosi also said," From its inception and continuing from this moment, the absence of open and honest debate has been one of the hallmarks of this war."

Rep. Adam Schiff, (D), CA, said, "Some of the worst culprits in worsening the dialogue on Iraq, have come from the White House."

So , yes Mr. Bush you should follow your own advice, and be able to accept the criticism he is getting on his Iraq policy, and hold people to account, not reward them with cronyism, and respect the military as a Commamder-in-Chief should, not use them as backdrops when speechifying. Listen to the military leaders like Gen. Zinni and Gen. Shinseki when they give advice, not misguided pipedreams from those who only think they know, like V.P. Cheney and Defense Sec. Rumsfeld. So yes Mr. Bush, the ballot box will tell come November, not just on Iraq alone, and the judgement of the American people on your "political speech" is to change the channel.


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