Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Just A Mistake.........."

Rush Limbaugh called what Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham(R) CA did,"A mistake", that's right, "A mistake"! Apparently that's the justification for demanding $24 million from a lobbyist is not a's a tiny little mistake!! But he calls what Pres.Clinton did, having a consensual affair and trying to hide it...."A crime against humanity!" Good grief!!! Does he really believe that only Republicans make mistakes and that is acceptable justification for bad behavior. yet, Democrats are the scurge of the Earth....well.......from Limbaugh's around for doctors who will give him prescriptions for oxycotin, no questions asked, and ending up bribing the housekeeper cause her husband knows how to get it off the street....I guess that would have to be deemed "a mistake" too?


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