Sunday, December 11, 2005

"It All Depends On What the Meaning of "Victory" Is"

When Mr. Bush used the word "victory" in his speech at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, he used it fifteen times, but still was not clear about what it meant. He used the word "victory" a total of thirty-six times when he spoke on the sixty-fourth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, at the usually judgemental Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Bush spoke for fifty minutes as an invited guest at the Council, about the Administration's rather anemic policy for what he continuously touts as his "victory" for what the public increasingly sees as his war.

The Council on Foreign Relations, a once highly respected organization of " brainy" foreign policy buffs that invites speakers of relevance to speak in front of its members, then as is usual protocol, takes questions, has been effectively "hijacked" by the Bush Administration. While the Council did not give a resounding roar of applause during the speech, as Bush recieved at Annapolis, it did seem to be protecting him. The Council emcee did appear to be shielding Mr. Bush from those members who would have liked to have had the opportunity to challenge Bush on his Iraq policy. The members do not appreciate being used to further a political agenda. The Council did allow Bush to speechify for almost an hour, on the condition there would be no question session following it. So much for "staying the course". At least he is consistent with his version of "cut and run", it happens only on his terms.

So what about this 'victory"? Bush said in some of the thirty-six references to "victory" at the Council; "Victory will be achieved when the Iraqis can defend themselves." Which doesn't say much because it depends on which perspective one looks at Iraq. To some the "enemy" are the radical fundamentalist "Jihadists", to others they are "freedom fighters", much like the revolutionary colonists that fought against the British during the American Revolution. So the conclusion could be made that the Iraqis are defending themselves. If it is meant to suggest that the Iraqi government needs an army to support it, and the Pentagon is touting there are 250,000 trained Iraqi military, supposedly ready and at the ready. There was already a regiment of, it was reported, 500,000 Iraqi soldiers the United States military stormed to the desert to confront and summarily dismantled.

"Victory will be achieved when the terrorists, Saddamists and the rejectionists cannot plan assaults on the innocent people of Iraq, the United States and the World." These many references to "victory" begs the questions, the first being to the last quote: Bush is not being held to account for continuously misleading the public by putting Iraq as the stage for the War on Terror, by allowing for people to equate Iraq with the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. So just how will this "victory" be achieved? Bush has never been quite clear on explaining how one gets to this "victory". What is clear is Bush is not willing to explain what lengths he is willing to go to achieve it.

If one wants to see things about this policy more responsibly, "victory" is already apparent. If you consider ousting and capturing Saddam Hussein, having elections and ratifying a Constitution enough, then it's a "victory". The Bush Administration and supporters keep claiming all these positive things are happening in Iraq, yet whining that it is never reported. Isn't it time to respect and honor the troops by letting them know they have achieved their "victory", it's time to come home?


At 10:05 AM, Blogger josh narins said...

First, thanks for the link. I appreciated being listed in such company.

Second, he said _that_???

That we will have victory when the insurgents can't "cannot plan assaults?"

You know, I don't think cutting off the supply of Franklin Day Planners and Palm Pilots is really going to stop them.

Plans can be done with just one's thoughts.

To wit, victory will be acheived when we kill (or cause to be braindead) all the insurgents.

55,000 or more killed or captured so far, but there are still about 20,000 out there. There have always been only about 20,000 out there, no matter how many we kill or capture.


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