Thursday, December 29, 2005

Iraqis Have a "Florida" Election Too; But They Don't Have the United States Supreme Court

Almost two weeks after the citizens of Iraq went to the polls to vote for members to represent them in their government, the secular Shiite party headed by Former Prime Minister Allawi, another prominent secular Shiite Ahmed Chalabi, and the Sunni faction are all crying "foul!" in this election, or for a better term, "fraud". Oh, the feeling of dejavu, Iraqi style! The party the Bush Administration hoped would come out prevailing is sadly far behind as the votes are being counted, as is the Sunni, whom the Administration vigorously counted on having a fair and balanced representation in the government. This is exactly what a true democracy is, but it is not the "paper-concept" preached by Mr. Bush in his recent campaign-style speeches-----or maybe it is?

The Iraqis are learning exactly what the United States taught them about democracy, and they apparently learned well. They learned that if the election doesn't go the way you want you can complain about it, but wait!--------with this 270 member Parliment, somewhere there has to be the equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court, if not it would not be a surprise if Mr. Bush sent the U.S. Supreme Court to Baghdad to decide an election, he asked the Court to decide one before.


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