Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Congress Did What......................Again?"

Dare more be said, if keeping the vote open for three hours, to coerce the vote on the Medicare prescription drug bill, which was passed 218-217 at 3 am wasn't bad enough........yep, you guessed it, there's more!

Easter weekend, the then Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Tom DeLay, called Congress back for an emergency session in an effort to save the life of Terry Schiavo, a Florida woman in a persistent vegetative state, who's feeding tube was removed per her wishes, to allow her to "die with dignity". Over on the Senate side, more bizarre things were happening. Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist, a former cardiacsurgeon said he could diagnose Mrs. Schiavo's condition just by looking at 5 minutes of video, and could tell she was "responsive" and "not in a vegetative state". He promptly changed his diagnosis when the finalized autopsy report was made public when Mrs. Schiavo ultimately died.

The next amazing thing Congress did was attempt to embarrass a fellow colleague because he dared to disagree with the President of the United States on his Iraq policy. It began with Rep. John Murtha (D) PA, a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, and a U.S. Marine for 37 yrs. coming to the realization that the war in Iraq could not end in "victory", and it was time to redeploy the troops to the "outer perimeters" to allow the Iraqis to stand up for their own country. Almost like clockwork the Republicans set out to make a lame statement and misrepresent Rep. Murtha's resolution in an attempt to purposely mislead if not confuse the public. The majority party brought a "Sense of the House" resolution to the floor asking for "immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq" which was authored by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) CA and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. This resolution was not at all what Rep. Murtha purposed, and was not debated on the House floor. What was happening was a vicious debate which stopped short of resembling what looked like an audition for WWE wrestling. First time in recent history that those who brought a bill to the House floor for a debate and then a vote, voted against their own bill.

Now for the icing on that Christmas "fruitcake", Congress just had to put up a resolution to "protect" the symbols and traditions of Christmas, (HRes.579) in accordance with Fox News commentator John Gibson's book "The War on Christmas". Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert also is proclaiming the Douglas fir tree in front of the US Capitol building be deemed a "Christmas tree" and not a "Holiday tree"! Glory be!!.............maybe the Speaker was not informed that the Bush White House greeting card says "Happy Holidays!" Did somebody hear the Grinch say, "Christmas is not coming this year?" I think not. The Grinch tried to stop Christmas from coming, by stealing Christmas trees, gifts and the holiday trimmings but Christmas still came!!..........and it is a Holy day, hence "Holiday" and also respect for those who celebrate other holidays like Chanukkah. Some of those perpetrating this nonexistent "war" are misguided and foolish. But it is typical Republican banter, to start a war on something, the war in Iraq was started based on nonexistent WMD, the war on Christmas was started based on nonsense.

The latest Congressional political blunder was another lame" Sense of the House" resolution on Iraq policy only a day after 15 million eleigible voters in Iraq went out and voted for their government. The House just had to for, whatever reason, raise a point on the House floor to bring up yet another meaningless resolution meant to point the finger at the Democrats, to show the public how "all over the map" they are about Iraq. Some voting for the resolution, some against, some not voting at all. If it was meant to prove a point, it probably worked. If it was meant to make a statement, well the statement was made. The point made was not the point the Republicans ultimately wanted. Voting on this resolution to reject a specific 'timetable" for U.S. troop withdrawal only proved a point, of the lengths the Republicans will go to make Mr.Bush's agenda a reality, and how much in "lockstep" they are with the White House, not having a mind of their own. The statement the Republicans made was a shameful example of their willingness to use the U.S.troops for their own pitiful political gains.

Wouldn't it be nice to have Congress do the work we elected them to do? But, alas, Congress is a body that has a majority party that is increasingly behaving more arrogant. Just like when the electric company assesses a 'refund" from a power outtage, this Congress is not what the majority of the American people bargained for-- Congress playing outrageous political ploys and not the work of the people-----Can we get a refund??


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