Thursday, December 29, 2005

The "I" Word; What the Bush Supporters Can't Say, When Commenting, "Clinton Did It Too"

Never in recent history has a President stepped over the line , continuously being caught doing it , and yet be excused with "kicking a can down the road" or a "pat on the back" from various entities. Mr. Bush doesn't need to explain anything anyway, his supporters do a good job for him, even though he should be doing it. What comes out is "Clinton did it too". One example being, the recent revelation that Mr.Bush authorized domestic eavesdropping on U.S. citizens without getting the authority to do so by the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillence Act] court. Instead of discussing the issue, Bush supporters "hang on every word" while being evasive, Bush supporters also want to "blame" President Clinton for everything from the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 to the holes in Swiss cheese, trying to take the focus off of Mr. Bush.

These people are apologists for Mr.Bush, who want to excuse the inexcusible that he has done by saying, "Clinton did it too"........... If they want to continuously do that..........the only response is, "Clinton was impeached too!" If everything that Clinton had done is just alright with the Bush bunch, shouldn't impeachment be just alright with them too? Could it be, that a stain on a blue dress is of more importance to impeaching a President, than impeaching one who thinks he can circumvent set laws because he is the President?

Iraqis Have a "Florida" Election Too; But They Don't Have the United States Supreme Court

Almost two weeks after the citizens of Iraq went to the polls to vote for members to represent them in their government, the secular Shiite party headed by Former Prime Minister Allawi, another prominent secular Shiite Ahmed Chalabi, and the Sunni faction are all crying "foul!" in this election, or for a better term, "fraud". Oh, the feeling of dejavu, Iraqi style! The party the Bush Administration hoped would come out prevailing is sadly far behind as the votes are being counted, as is the Sunni, whom the Administration vigorously counted on having a fair and balanced representation in the government. This is exactly what a true democracy is, but it is not the "paper-concept" preached by Mr. Bush in his recent campaign-style speeches-----or maybe it is?

The Iraqis are learning exactly what the United States taught them about democracy, and they apparently learned well. They learned that if the election doesn't go the way you want you can complain about it, but wait!--------with this 270 member Parliment, somewhere there has to be the equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court, if not it would not be a surprise if Mr. Bush sent the U.S. Supreme Court to Baghdad to decide an election, he asked the Court to decide one before.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Congress Did What......................Again?"

Dare more be said, if keeping the vote open for three hours, to coerce the vote on the Medicare prescription drug bill, which was passed 218-217 at 3 am wasn't bad enough........yep, you guessed it, there's more!

Easter weekend, the then Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Tom DeLay, called Congress back for an emergency session in an effort to save the life of Terry Schiavo, a Florida woman in a persistent vegetative state, who's feeding tube was removed per her wishes, to allow her to "die with dignity". Over on the Senate side, more bizarre things were happening. Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist, a former cardiacsurgeon said he could diagnose Mrs. Schiavo's condition just by looking at 5 minutes of video, and could tell she was "responsive" and "not in a vegetative state". He promptly changed his diagnosis when the finalized autopsy report was made public when Mrs. Schiavo ultimately died.

The next amazing thing Congress did was attempt to embarrass a fellow colleague because he dared to disagree with the President of the United States on his Iraq policy. It began with Rep. John Murtha (D) PA, a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, and a U.S. Marine for 37 yrs. coming to the realization that the war in Iraq could not end in "victory", and it was time to redeploy the troops to the "outer perimeters" to allow the Iraqis to stand up for their own country. Almost like clockwork the Republicans set out to make a lame statement and misrepresent Rep. Murtha's resolution in an attempt to purposely mislead if not confuse the public. The majority party brought a "Sense of the House" resolution to the floor asking for "immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq" which was authored by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) CA and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. This resolution was not at all what Rep. Murtha purposed, and was not debated on the House floor. What was happening was a vicious debate which stopped short of resembling what looked like an audition for WWE wrestling. First time in recent history that those who brought a bill to the House floor for a debate and then a vote, voted against their own bill.

Now for the icing on that Christmas "fruitcake", Congress just had to put up a resolution to "protect" the symbols and traditions of Christmas, (HRes.579) in accordance with Fox News commentator John Gibson's book "The War on Christmas". Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert also is proclaiming the Douglas fir tree in front of the US Capitol building be deemed a "Christmas tree" and not a "Holiday tree"! Glory be!!.............maybe the Speaker was not informed that the Bush White House greeting card says "Happy Holidays!" Did somebody hear the Grinch say, "Christmas is not coming this year?" I think not. The Grinch tried to stop Christmas from coming, by stealing Christmas trees, gifts and the holiday trimmings but Christmas still came!!..........and it is a Holy day, hence "Holiday" and also respect for those who celebrate other holidays like Chanukkah. Some of those perpetrating this nonexistent "war" are misguided and foolish. But it is typical Republican banter, to start a war on something, the war in Iraq was started based on nonexistent WMD, the war on Christmas was started based on nonsense.

The latest Congressional political blunder was another lame" Sense of the House" resolution on Iraq policy only a day after 15 million eleigible voters in Iraq went out and voted for their government. The House just had to for, whatever reason, raise a point on the House floor to bring up yet another meaningless resolution meant to point the finger at the Democrats, to show the public how "all over the map" they are about Iraq. Some voting for the resolution, some against, some not voting at all. If it was meant to prove a point, it probably worked. If it was meant to make a statement, well the statement was made. The point made was not the point the Republicans ultimately wanted. Voting on this resolution to reject a specific 'timetable" for U.S. troop withdrawal only proved a point, of the lengths the Republicans will go to make Mr.Bush's agenda a reality, and how much in "lockstep" they are with the White House, not having a mind of their own. The statement the Republicans made was a shameful example of their willingness to use the U.S.troops for their own pitiful political gains.

Wouldn't it be nice to have Congress do the work we elected them to do? But, alas, Congress is a body that has a majority party that is increasingly behaving more arrogant. Just like when the electric company assesses a 'refund" from a power outtage, this Congress is not what the majority of the American people bargained for-- Congress playing outrageous political ploys and not the work of the people-----Can we get a refund??

Sunday, December 11, 2005

"It All Depends On What the Meaning of "Victory" Is"

When Mr. Bush used the word "victory" in his speech at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, he used it fifteen times, but still was not clear about what it meant. He used the word "victory" a total of thirty-six times when he spoke on the sixty-fourth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, at the usually judgemental Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Bush spoke for fifty minutes as an invited guest at the Council, about the Administration's rather anemic policy for what he continuously touts as his "victory" for what the public increasingly sees as his war.

The Council on Foreign Relations, a once highly respected organization of " brainy" foreign policy buffs that invites speakers of relevance to speak in front of its members, then as is usual protocol, takes questions, has been effectively "hijacked" by the Bush Administration. While the Council did not give a resounding roar of applause during the speech, as Bush recieved at Annapolis, it did seem to be protecting him. The Council emcee did appear to be shielding Mr. Bush from those members who would have liked to have had the opportunity to challenge Bush on his Iraq policy. The members do not appreciate being used to further a political agenda. The Council did allow Bush to speechify for almost an hour, on the condition there would be no question session following it. So much for "staying the course". At least he is consistent with his version of "cut and run", it happens only on his terms.

So what about this 'victory"? Bush said in some of the thirty-six references to "victory" at the Council; "Victory will be achieved when the Iraqis can defend themselves." Which doesn't say much because it depends on which perspective one looks at Iraq. To some the "enemy" are the radical fundamentalist "Jihadists", to others they are "freedom fighters", much like the revolutionary colonists that fought against the British during the American Revolution. So the conclusion could be made that the Iraqis are defending themselves. If it is meant to suggest that the Iraqi government needs an army to support it, and the Pentagon is touting there are 250,000 trained Iraqi military, supposedly ready and at the ready. There was already a regiment of, it was reported, 500,000 Iraqi soldiers the United States military stormed to the desert to confront and summarily dismantled.

"Victory will be achieved when the terrorists, Saddamists and the rejectionists cannot plan assaults on the innocent people of Iraq, the United States and the World." These many references to "victory" begs the questions, the first being to the last quote: Bush is not being held to account for continuously misleading the public by putting Iraq as the stage for the War on Terror, by allowing for people to equate Iraq with the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. So just how will this "victory" be achieved? Bush has never been quite clear on explaining how one gets to this "victory". What is clear is Bush is not willing to explain what lengths he is willing to go to achieve it.

If one wants to see things about this policy more responsibly, "victory" is already apparent. If you consider ousting and capturing Saddam Hussein, having elections and ratifying a Constitution enough, then it's a "victory". The Bush Administration and supporters keep claiming all these positive things are happening in Iraq, yet whining that it is never reported. Isn't it time to respect and honor the troops by letting them know they have achieved their "victory", it's time to come home?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

How to Get Off Jury Duty Without Even Trying

Mr.Bush recieved a summons for jury duty in Crawford, Texas. He was promptly exempted because as he put it, "I am President of the United States, and I have to concentrate on running the country." This event would not be newsworthy if Bush as President, was running the country and not ruining it.

The Lying Continues in the Form of Rummy's News Channel

The Los Angeles Times reported that some members of the U.S. military are paying Iraqi journalists to write favorable articles about the occupation. In light of a recent Arab League poll which states that 80% of Iraqis want the U.S. to leave their country, and 45% say it's okay to kill Americans; is it really a good idea to exasperate the already fragile situation the U.S. is in when it comes to Iraq, by feeding the Iraqis misleading information? The U.S. military is spending an estimated $100 million to manufacture the news in Iraq!

So, why are the so-called neo-cons whining that the mainstream media in the U.S. is not broadcasting any positive news, only the bad from Iraq? They could probably plug-in to the "RNC"-- no not the Republican National Committee, the "RNC" in this case is "Rummy's New Channel, like Fox News Channel does, to get the news they want to hear. Why is Rumsfeld relaying the fact "The Iraqis have a free-press, they have 45 television stations, and 72 newspapers....." at his latest news conference? You call paying-off Iraqi journalists to write positive wishy-washy news----free!!!

The lies just never stop with this Administration! Even Republican members of Congress and that includes Sen. Joe Lieberman the "Republican-lite" Senator from Connecticut came back from Iraq touting the "great" progress there. But the rhetoric doesn't reflect the realities on the ground in the Iraq. The propoganda we have been fed since before the first tank plowed through the desert to Baghdad is alive and well and still fanning the flames this Administration wants to present. To come to the realization that members of the U.S. military is doing what amounts to "bribery" to some, is regretable and shameful. Is this the kind of freedom and democracy that the Bush Administration really wants to project?! This action is not at all surprising considering the unethical and corrupt behavior of the this Administration.

"Just A Mistake.........."

Rush Limbaugh called what Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham(R) CA did,"A mistake", that's right, "A mistake"! Apparently that's the justification for demanding $24 million from a lobbyist is not a's a tiny little mistake!! But he calls what Pres.Clinton did, having a consensual affair and trying to hide it...."A crime against humanity!" Good grief!!! Does he really believe that only Republicans make mistakes and that is acceptable justification for bad behavior. yet, Democrats are the scurge of the Earth....well.......from Limbaugh's around for doctors who will give him prescriptions for oxycotin, no questions asked, and ending up bribing the housekeeper cause her husband knows how to get it off the street....I guess that would have to be deemed "a mistake" too?