Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"We're Not Gonna take It Anymore............"

In a rear move Democrat Leader Sen. Harry Reid envoked Senate Rule 21, calling the Senate to go into closed session, as a protest against the Republican "stall" of what was deemed "Phase II" of the Senate Intelligence Committee's probe into pre-war intelligence. In light of the five-count indictment against "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff, the Democrats were emboldened to press for this investigation, which was promised over a year ago by Sen. Pat Roberts, the Intelligence Committee's chairman. The Democrats are finally showing what they should have shown back in early 2003 during debate which gave Mr. Bush the authority to invade Iraq; backbone.
They now seem to be controlling the agenda. The administration cannot seem to change the subject, no matter how they try. Sen. Bill Frist, the Republican majority leader was completely taken by surprise, and started whining about it. The rest of the Republicans were left to calling the Democrats' solidarity move a "political stunt". What else could they call the move, considering they are experts at it themselves? Keeping "Phase II" on the "back burner" until after the presidential election last year.....what was that??
If what the Democrats did was a "political stunt" it worked, because a six-senator bipartisan commission was established out of the 2 hr closed session. They have until Nov. 14 to report a status of the investigation into the "shaping" of pre-war intelligence use to make the case for war. The anger apparently was raised to a "fever-pitch" amongst the Democrats when they realized there is no accountability within this government and its administration, just repudiation and slandering of anyone who disagrees with them.
It's time to speak truth to power. Anyone who wants the troops home, and wants answers, should contact Sen. Reid's office and tell him, "It's about time", "What took you so long?", or at least just to say "Thank you, Sen. Reid."


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