Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"It's the Liberal media.............right?

Sen. Pat Roberts, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, laid it out on CBS's "Face the Nation", Sunday morning,explaining why it took only 2 hours to reach what appeared to be a bipartisan decision on resuming "PhaseII"of the investigation into pre-war intelligence. He said there was 'no politics" involved in the delay of "Phase II", and "no motive" to delay it until after the 2004 Presidential election. That comment sounded somewhat like when a child believes the word "maybe" means "yes" and tries to remind a parent. So when host Bob Scheiffer needed an explanation, Sen. Roberts displayed somewhat of a mini-tantrum and attempted to change the subject, which did without any interruption by Scheiffer.

Apparently, the speeches used by the Democrats during the pre-war debate, before the Resolution vote that gave the president the authority to go to war, on the Senate floor is going to be used against them. Sen. Roberts made it clear how the decision was made within the Senate Republican Caucus, as a result of the Rule 21 being imposed on them last week. This "gotcha" rule to be used by the Republicans will also be imposed more widely as part of the White House "talking points", by pundits and others in support of Mr. Bush.

The media which is often portrayed as having a "Liberal bias" is being used as a conduit to help the Republican agenda. That's to tske the focus off their damaged adminstration

This was quite evident on NBC's "Meet the press" when Tim Russert 'ambushed' Sen. Edward Kennedy, with words the Junior senator from MA Sen. John Kerry said during the pre-war debate. he put Sen. Kerry's words on the screen without saying who said them, knowing full well that Sen. Kennedy, who probably thought they were something V.P. Cheney might have said, would disagree with it. Russert did not say who it was until after the Senator stated how how he felt. Sen. George Allen (R) of VA, who with no surprise,always takes the words of the White House to heart, made it quite clear on CNN, Sunday, that the Republican "talking points" were to bring up how the Democrats were for the war in 2002, now they are changing their tune cause "the wind has changed", and it's not popular. Sen. Allen was right on cue with the rhetoric

The media,which is allowing this to occur without questioning the motive has once again displayed their lack of dimension in conveying information. Does the media have an agenda all their own, or are they so made of "stone", that they could be afraid of dissolving like that pillar of salt if they don't get it right?

Whatever the case some in the media need to go through their files for things they have said in the past,before their words come back to haunt them. Afterall. this *wicked*...........*horrible*.........*off-the-wall*...................so called "Liberal " media does have a knack for eating their own.


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