Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"All Politics Is Local............Isn't It?"

Election Day 2005 proved to be a shining day for Democrats. Winning two important governships and defeating the referendums pushed by the Republican Governor of California, could be a "peek" into what is in store for the midterm elections a year from now.

It's time for the Republicans to understand that a "tree"is being shaken; and shaken to see who can hang on. But what are the Republicans doing, they are "spinning". No surprise there......they are spinning the idea that the Democrat victories were just "local" elections, with no indicators of the direction the country is headed.

This was just the latest declaration by Press Secretary Scott McClellan on behalf of the White House in an effort to either put a positive light on something that is looking quite dim for this administration, more fodder aimed at changing the subject, or both.

Some pundits are saying that the defeat of gubernatorial candidate Kilgore in Virginia had nothing to do with Mr. Bush's last minute campaign rally, it's just bad campaigning on the part of Mr. Kilgore. Others just want to make excuses by saying there's a Republican "slump" going on right now, but there is a year before the midterm election? Still, others are taking the White House line. No matter how these pundits and others want to "spin" it, the Democrats did score significant victories.

The Democrats also scored with what could be described as a "moral" victory. They caused the White House, and Republicans to be on the defensive. Not only that, but many in the House {all House members seats are up for grabs in 2006} and in the Senate are saying, they don't want to be seen campaigning on the coattails of George W. Bush. So, while it's true, state governors' races are local, so is the US House of Representatives and US Senate races.


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