Sunday, November 20, 2005

82% of The Public Agrees With Rep. John Murtha

Mr. Bush can use the word "irresponsible" at least six times in two days in a lame attempt to counter his critics about Iraq.

Mr. Cheney can dress up in a tuxedo, thinking he's a tough guy and still continue to mislead about pre-war intelligence.

Scott McClellan can compare a 37 year US Marine veteran and war hero with five medals to award winning documentary film maker Michael Moore in a press release, rather than a conference in person, as if that is supposed to stir the public criticism away from this White House.

Rep. Duncan Hunter can misinterpret a resolution proposed by a colleague, bring it to the floor to, he says,"send a message", yet vote against his own resolution, not the colleague's one at all, in an effort to confuse the public.

Rep, Jean Schmidt can cause almost fistacuffs to breakout on the House floor with her stunning words, "Marines dont cut and run, cowards do" as a message from some Marine named 'Danny" in her district, to Rep. Murtha, and she apparently gets a pass for that behavior because she is a freshman Congresswoman.

So through all this squabbling and words being flung back and forth and sideways, Rep. John Murtha's words definitely ring true, "The American people are way ahead of Congress". With that said I agree and add this caviat, From Mr. Bush to Mr. Cheney to Scott McClellan to Duncan Hunter to Jean Schmidt to the pundits on television to the columnists in newspapers to last but not least the right wing radio talk show hosts, are all "stuck on stupid" if not clueless, because according to the latest polls by both ABC News and CNN/Gallup 82% of the public still agree with Rep. John Murtha.


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