Friday, October 14, 2005


"Carefully Choreographed" says the AP, Like a kindergarten play was Bush's early morning question and answer session with 11 pre-selected US soldiers and one Iraqi soldier. The rehearsal for this long distance "love fest" with these soldiers went off without a hitch, and was released to all the news programs, but when the actual event occurred it was very apparent that mote rehearsal was warranted. Mr.Bush stumbled over his words more than usual, kept fidgeting with his earpiece, and difficulty standing still as if he needed a bathroom break really bad. He is either under alot of stress, which wouldn't be surprising considering his approval rating is at a whopping 37%. Oh, yeah., this is the guy who doesn't care about poll ratings........... so why all the "carefully choreographed" photo-ops? Not since the unforgettably lame excercise of landing on the deck of the USS Lincoln back in May 2003 and the "Mission Accomplished"speech, has this White House's attempt at media manipulation been so fractured

Have we all overestimated the secretiveness in the daily workings of this White House? Honestly, allowing us to see the rehearsals of a session to thank the men and women serving in Iraq, 48 hrs. before the Iraqi people vote to ratify the 'Constitution"! No, but it was clearly choreographed nonsense. This White House does not misstep, nor does it admit it does when it occurs, hense the heated exchange betwen the W.H. press corps and Pres Sec. Scott McClellan later in the day. This administration and its "fearless leader" is coming unglued. It seems the names have changed, but the song remains the same. Bush is loosing focus and a grip, tries all manner of "carefully choregraphed" photo-ops, rustles through the Oval Office trash can for old speech drafts for speeches that supposedly held the American people's attention for at least a minute, and if that didn't work have a terror alert somewhere in the country to somehow remind us that this administrstion is on message.

The "song"does remain the same, and is being played by violins accompanying an "Emperor"who has no clothes.


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