Thursday, September 29, 2005

DeLay's Words Come Back To Haunt Again/ Frist Does "Martha"

Back in 1998 the montra was "Politics of Personal Destruction" which was apparently "coined"by Tom DeLay during the Clinton impeachment saga, so here we go again. This time the GOP whining is so much louder on Capitol Hill. In responding to his indictment Tom DeLay repeated the montra in blaming everyone but himself...The prosecutor in TX to the Democrats in the House for his indictment , which amounts to "money laundering" of Corporate funds for political gain. Kind of like when one gets into a "fender-bender" the first to moan and whine about it is usually the one who caused it........... so for DeLay and the rest of the GOP on the Hill who believe this is all political.....think again!!! Just because he steps aside as House Majority leader is not enough to excuse him and what he has done.........This corruption of the leaders of the GOP on the Hill doesnt end with the House of Reps......Sen Frist, Senate Majority Leader is being investigated by the SEC regarding his "unloading" of stocks held in a blind trust for HCA (Hospital Corporation Asso) right before the stocks plummeted on Wall Street.............Hmmm! dint something like this happen to Martha Stewart? and didnt she get convicted and go to jail?..............This cannot be......this disease of scandal by those "spoiled rich politicos, staying in their ivory towers" cannot be reaching epidemic proportionsl........or can it?


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